Spring into Fitness

cherry blossom

The cherry blossoms are out and it is inspiring to see so many people out running, biking, hiking and playing sports in the fresh air. It is also a time that as an RMT I see an increase in injuries; mainly hip, knee and ankle issues from jumping into activities a bit too hard too soon. Sustaining an injury can be very frustrating and limiting, but massage therapy helps with the healing process. During a massage session I treat the specific area in pain as well as addressing compensating areas that you may not even realize are sore or tight. Everything is connected and one little injury can develop into nagging back pain or chronic gait dysfunction. For example, a tight glute muscle can cause the opposite side low back and groin area to tighten and compensate. Massage helps release adhesions and trigger points within and between muscles to get everything moving fluidly again. After a treatment I give personalized recommendations for therapeutic exercises and home care hydrotherapy. There is more to injury rehabilitation that just rest, ice, compression and elevation, massage is a big part of a recovery game plan. The goal is to get you back out there enjoying your athletic endeavors and avoiding re injury!