Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is difficult to go a day without a lot of typing and texting, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries of the hand and wrist. One common injury I frequently see with my massage clients is carpal tunnel syndrome, aka your forearm feels terrible. The median nerve travels between the forearm flexors and the wrist bones, but it can get compressed and angry with repetitive actions. Carpal tunnel syndrome may begin as an achy pain in the forearm/wrist, and progress to numbness, tingling and weakness. Aside from repetitive strain as a cause, this condition can arise due to fluid retention (pregnancy), rheumatoid arthritis or other structural anomalies. When a client comes in with suspected carpal tunnel syndrome I assess with special tests to help differentiate from other possible sources of pain. For example there is a similar issue called pronator teres syndrome (a specific muscle in your forearm), that mimics carpal tunnel symptoms. To relieve pain, massage treatments can be very effective at decompressing the median nerve and increasing circulation to the area. Treatment outcomes are enhanced when supplemented with a good self care plan. I work directly with clients providing posture tips, simple stretches, quick strengthening exercises, and hydrotherapy recommendations (ice or heat). It is possible to treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that is becoming more prevalent as we all type and text much more often than in the past. carpel-tunnel-relief-nashville