Snow Sports Strategies

The winter season is here and for the West coast it means time to play in the snow on the mountains! This is also the time of year when I see many clients limping in for their massage appointments with injuries from their winter activities. Two simple ways to prevent aches and pains are warming up and staying hydrated. Typically warming up is non existent for snow sports, however even a few bodyweight squats or yoga postures beforehand are beneficial. Waking up your nervous system and getting the blood flowing to your muscles will help your body perform the movement patterns you want to do on the slopes. Also, drinking water throughout the your day is important for keeping you hydrated and proper muscle function. For example, you wouldn’t go for a four hour hike without drinking water, so why would you try to snowboard all afternoon without water?!? If you do happen to sustain an injury from your snow sport adventures, massage therapy will help relieve pain and restore function. In my sessions I will create a personalized treatment plan to help get you back out there having fun on the mountains!