Sacro-Iliac (SI) Joint Pain

The SI joints are located between the sacrum, (bone connecting the low back and the tailbone), and the two ilium, (hip bones). The two SI joints are a common cause of hip pain, either on both sides or just one. At the beginning of a massage session I assess and compare the movement on each hip/leg, typically I find there is a slight imbalance in mobility. Strong ligaments and muscles help support the SI joints, however they can become compromised due to our daily activities and habitual postures. There are many sports that favour one foot forward, or even just sitting with one leg crossed over the other can create a twisting and shift of the hips bones. Massage therapy is effective at restoring balance by drawing the hips back into alignment using subtle contractions of specific muscles. Reinforcing good alignment and biomechanics will help prevent future SI joint pain. Core stability exercises, such the plank pose shown below, builds strength and postural endurance for the hip and low back areas. It is possible to incorporate preventative exercises anywhere and everywhere!