Triathlon Training Camp

Recently I joined  a group of amazing athletes for a training camp held in Thousand Oaks, California. B78 coaching and Human Powered Racing organized a challenging start to 2016 with miles of hills to cycle up and down! I rode with the group, then set up my massage table for a few treatments at the end of the day. One important lesson from the camp was that your body is your most essential tool when it comes to training. It doesn’t matter how fancy your bike gear is if you are dehydrated and fighting through chronic injuries. Massage therapy helps with recovery from workouts, especially if you are pushing the limits of your physical capabilities with an Ironman triathlon training plan. I recommend taking care of your hard working muscles by scheduling regular massage sessions, not waiting until you feel too sore. Working with a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) to develop a treatment plan is the perfect way to maximize your training and racing results!