Balance and Massage

Proprioception is the fancy term for knowing where our body is in space. There are receptors in our joints that send signals to the brain to sense what is going on without having to look. Balance relies heavily on proper proprioception, allowing us to move fluidly without falling down. If you have ever sprained an ankle, you will notice that balance is tricky even weeks after it has healed. This is due to the change in sensory input to the brain, therefore restoring proprioception after an injury is a vital part of the rehabilitation process. Massage therapy is an effective way to treat the connections between the nervous system and the joints and muscles. RMT’s use specific techniques to integrate the joint receptors and develop better movement patterns. Hands on massage therapy improves and maintains balance, regardless if you have sustained an injury or not. Once you have trained your balance, climbing over rocks and up mountains is a lot easier!