Pain in the Neck?

In between the vertebral bones of our spine there are shock absorbing discs. With improper loading and instability, the vertebral discs can herniate and push into neighbouring structures. A recent reputable study found that 86.7% of disc bulges in the neck shown on MRI’s are asymptomatic, therefore no pain is felt!?! ( Radiographic findings do not necessarily mean a terrible prognosis. As a RMT, it is very likely I have massaged clients that are unaware of minor disc herniations in their neck and low back. During the treatment I assess any lack of movement between vertebral segments and I can feel when muscles are guarding around an injury site. Massage techniques help to restore the mobility of the spine and bring circulation and awareness to the supporting musculature. Pain may not always be present, regular massage is a fantastic preventative plan for your spine health!