Massage can help!

I was a personal trainer for many years and always noticed a lot of new faces in the gyms at this time of year. Some of the best intentions to get fit as fast as possible inevitably led to quite a few injuries. Sore knees from ramping up running miles, tweaked shoulders from one too many pushups, achy low backs from sit ups, and many more common and annoying little injuries. It was enough for new participants to quit on their goals, but the great news is that an RMT can help! Instead of giving up on your healthy resolutions, little adjustments can be made to your fitness program to rehabilitate and prevent further injury. Massage treatments begin with postural and functional movement assessments to develop a plan for which areas are tight and would benefit from massage and stretching. Basically, if you are feeling sore and sluggish, massage can help bring circulation to your hard working muscles to help you get back out there being active!