Golfer’s Elbow

Enjoying a golf game or hitting some balls at the driving range is a great way to get outside and be active. Unfortunately, it can also mean new aches and pains, typically felt in the elbow of the dominant hand. This condition is called medial epicondylitis, or “Golfer’s Elbow”. Striking the ball over and over in a golf game can result in this repetitive strain injury to the forearm muscles. Warming up prior to playing is a good preventative measure, but I realize it is not common to spend time doing yoga and trunk rotations before swinging a club. “Golfer’s elbow” usually shows up as swelling and pain on the inside of the elbow. RMT’s are proficient at assessing the signs and symptoms, and performing a few special tests to determine what the best treatment plan would be. Massage is effective at releasing the adhesions between the tight forearm flexors to restore proper function, and help clear away inflammation. Applying ice is typically a good idea, or diving your achy hand up to your elbow into a sink filled with cold water. Have fun out on the greens and try to incorporate a few minutes of warming up before swinging a club!