Palms Forward Posture

A simple posture tip is to place your arms at your sides with your palms facing forward. In this position, you will naturally lift your head up and draw your shoulder blades together behind your back. You may notice you are able to breathe easier, there is less compression down on your lungs and diaphragm. During our daily activities it is common to be looking down, this results in tighter muscles of the chest and front of the shoulders. Palms forward posture can provide a gentle stretch of the whole front side of the body, which is good for the nerve and blood supply to the arms and hands. I like to give my massage therapy clients posture awareness tips and little stretches to incorporate into their day. Checking in with your posture and breathing can be a effective way to positively change how your body feels!



How is your eyesight?

This is a question I often ask clients when they come in complaining of headaches and neck tension. Poor vision can negatively impact how we hold our head by subconsciously craning the neck forward. It is very common for the lens of the eye to slowly and progressively deteriorate with age, images are less crystal clear. As a result we alter our posture to see properly and strain to read fine print. Massage therapy cannot restore your vision, however it will help alleviate the muscle tension that develops from an altered head position. Bring awareness to your posture during the day and book in for a massage to help with any achy sore muscles!

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Daily Stretching

The human body does not like to be static for too long, we are not made to sit all day! With inactivity, blood flow and nerve supply can become compressed and joints stiffen up. Muscles are designed to contract and relax, helping with mobility and stability of the body. The majority of my massage therapy clients could benefit from more movement and stretching in their daily routine. I do not necessarily mean they are required to go to a structured yoga class everyday, but to incorporate little stretch breaks and posture checks frequently through their day. I recommend getting into the habit of taking a couple of minutes to tune into your body and breathe with whatever movement feels good. This will make a difference by calming the nervous system and engaging your major muscles to promote blood flow, There are many different types of stretching techniques and yoga styles, the absolute best type is the one you actually do!