Glowing Healthy Skin

Do you know what the biggest organ of your body is? Your skin! Massage therapists are very in tune with skin and how we can help improve your health through our touch. The skin plays a major role in protection as it the first layer of defense and immunity. Skin also helps regulate our temperature, produces vitamin D from ultraviolet light, provides sensory feedback, and plays a role in nutrient exchange. Massage is beneficial for increasing blood flow to the skin and gently stimulating the nervous system, resulting in a nice healthy glow!


Power of the breath

When a client lies down on my massage table I observe their breathing patterns as a clue to their stress level. Rapid, shallow breaths are typical of a higher sympathetic nervous system firing, also know as fight or flight mode. I find an effective way to get into a more relaxed state quickly is to invite my client to take longer and deeper breaths. Full inhalations feed the cells oxygen to boost energy levels, while full exhalations release toxins and rejuvenate. Increasing awareness of the breath can be very powerful and enhances the effectiveness of the massage treatment. During a more intense technique, I may ask a client to bring their breath into where my hand is placed on their body. It may not technically be possible to breathe into one’s foot for example, but the imagery helps to mentally let the tension go and relax the overstimulation of the nervous system. Incorporating breath work into a massage brings a mind-body connection that lasts beyond the session and becomes part of my home care recommendations. Mindful breathing is a simple form of meditation and can decrease stress levels significantly, even a couple of minutes a day helps. Now take a moment to focus on your breath…

Relaxation Time

There are 24 hours in a day and in our busy world they seem to fly by! Trying to fit in enough sleep, proper nutrition, productive work time, quality family time, effective exercise, multitude of errands…it is stressful just thinking about it! Running at a high level with your sympathetic nervous system constantly firing can drain your coping mechanisms, often leading to burn out and illnesses. Taking time out to relax may not seem like a realistic priority, but is essential to keep your body healthy both physically and emotionally. One idea is to create a proactive game plan and schedule in relaxation down time like any other appointment in your week/month. Massage therapy fits in nicely with this plan as it benefits not just your muscular system, but also your mood boosting endorphins and improves immune function. Not all RMT massage treatments need to be deep pressure, it depends on your particular needs and sometimes a full body relaxation massage is the best!  Booking ahead for a massage treatment builds anticipation of your upcoming 45, 60, or even 90 minutes of time to just breathe and relax. On those grey dreary days pretend you are on a beach in a sunny place and let the stress melt away…