Summer Scheduling

We have had a phenomenal summer so far on the Westcoast, perfect for outdoor activities and vacation time! Typically, our regular routine is less consistent in the summer months, work and family schedules are more variable. I find clients are less frequent with their massage appointments, however when they do come in they have multiple issues. For example, a client will come in with tight calves from wearing flip flops, achy forearms from playing golf, and a sore low back from sitting in a car for a long road trip. I work my massage magic during the treatment, but it would be more effective to plan ahead and allow for more time for each issue. Even in the summer time, my calendar books up at least a week in advance. I would recommend planning ahead and making the most our summer, staying healthy for outdoor adventure time. Perhaps I should move my massage table outdoors to encourage clients to maximize the hours of sunshine and receive a treatment!