Sports Massage for Recovery

This month’s blog post I would like to write about an amazing inspirational athlete, Lina Augaitis. Lina is a friend and massage client of mine, who challenges herself to compete internationally in stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Her race results are amazing, over 15 first place finishes this year! She is ranked number one in the world for flat water SUP racing, all of her hard work has paid off. I can relate as a former elite athlete that leads a very active lifestyle, it is important to train hard, but also incorporate rest and recovery. Massage treatments are beneficial for preventing injuries and facilitating muscles to recover between workouts/events. Even if you are not a high level athlete, a balanced fitness program is essential and recovery with massage therapy is very effective. For Lina, we have also developed a restorative stretching and fascial release plan to use when she is travelling around the world competing. I am proud to be a part of Lina Augaitis’s healthcare team, check out her great blog here: