Knee Knackering

This summer I will be running in the Knee Knacker trail race that goes from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove on the North Shore. The course is a daunting 50 km of trails with over 16,000 feet of vertical climb and descent! It is exciting to have a challenging goal to reach towards, the race organizers and fellow runners are exceptionally friendly and supportive. Part of my training plan includes weekly 45 to 60 minute massage treatments for myself. I figure I better follow my own advice for preventative and restorative purposes, helping ensure I get through race day without any injuries. In my own practice as a RMT I see a lot of athletes who come in only when they are hurt, however it is easier to fix an issue before it gets to that painful stage. Pain will change how we run and move, thus creating compensatory issues and a lot more to address with rehabilitation. Before an injury fully flares up, it is best to seek out help and develop a comprehensive plan together to maintain healthy function. Looking forward to some awesome runs out on the trails!