Core Stability

One of the most common complaints I receive at Yaletown Massage Therapy is a sore achy back. There are many possible causes and it is not always a quick fix. I come from a personal fitness training background and typically I recommend developing good stability to take the pressure off of the hard working back muscles. I work with clients to help them engage their deep core muscles to help build their strength and stability. For home care, my favourite exercise is the plank and it’s many variations. It can take less than 3 minutes a day to really wake up your core! On the other hand, sit ups or crunches are not necessarily the most effective exercise since we spend so many hours in our day sitting and tightening up the hips. Core stability means more than just six-pack abs, it includes the back and glutes to balance everything out. A personalized treatment plan including appropriate home care recommendations is all part of my massage therapy sessions. I help clients create a stable core to alleviate and prevent future back pain!


Glowing Healthy Skin

Do you know what the biggest organ of your body is? Your skin! Massage therapists are very in tune with skin and how we can help improve your health through our touch. The skin plays a major role in protection as it the first layer of defense and immunity. Skin also helps regulate our temperature, produces vitamin D from ultraviolet light, provides sensory feedback, and plays a role in nutrient exchange. Massage is beneficial for increasing blood flow to the skin and gently stimulating the nervous system, resulting in a nice healthy glow!


Snow Sports Strategies

The winter season is here and for the West coast it means time to play in the snow on the mountains! This is also the time of year when I see many clients limping in for their massage appointments with injuries from their winter activities. Two simple ways to prevent aches and pains are warming up and staying hydrated. Typically warming up is non existent for snow sports, however even a few bodyweight squats or yoga postures beforehand are beneficial. Waking up your nervous system and getting the blood flowing to your muscles will help your body perform the movement patterns you want to do on the slopes. Also, drinking water throughout the your day is important for keeping you hydrated and proper muscle function. For example, you wouldn’t go for a four hour hike without drinking water, so why would you try to snowboard all afternoon without water?!? If you do happen to sustain an injury from your snow sport adventures, massage therapy will help relieve pain and restore function. In my sessions I will create a personalized treatment plan to help get you back out there having fun on the mountains!


Massage can help!

I was a personal trainer for many years and always noticed a lot of new faces in the gyms at this time of year. Some of the best intentions to get fit as fast as possible inevitably led to quite a few injuries. Sore knees from ramping up running miles, tweaked shoulders from one too many pushups, achy low backs from sit ups, and many more common and annoying little injuries. It was enough for new participants to quit on their goals, but the great news is that an RMT can help! Instead of giving up on your healthy resolutions, little adjustments can be made to your fitness program to rehabilitate and prevent further injury. Massage treatments begin with postural and functional movement assessments to develop a plan for which areas are tight and would benefit from massage and stretching. Basically, if you are feeling sore and sluggish, massage can help bring circulation to your hard working muscles to help you get back out there being active!